HOME TREE REPORTS ABOUT US TREE TRANSPLANTS & ROOT BARRIERS GARDEN CONSULTATION OTHER SERVICES LANDSCAPING ARTIFICIAL TURF CONTACT US The right garden is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also an extension of your home that can enhance your lifestyle. Every good gardening project begins with a comprehensive assessment and design. A good design saves money, time and water. The design must reflect your personality and needs in order to result in an outdoor oasis that you can’t wait to enter. 

JR’s Treemendous Landscapes will take the time to discuss your needs and ideas, providing constructive feedback on what will and will not work in your garden. 
With over 20 years experience in the industry, John Ruyg knows what will be visually pleasing to the eye and what plants will grow successfully within the Gippsland area. 

Either computer generated drawings or hand drawings can be completed to meet your requirements and result in a garden that will please for years to come.

JR’s Treemendous Landscapes are also able to construct your dream garden, either starting from an empty block of land or modifying your existing garden. We have the expertise to successfully execute all your gardening projects. We offer a complete service, including:
•	Soil preparation
•	Plant selection
•	Irrigation (drip or in-ground sprinkler systems)
•	Paving 
•	Garden edging
•	Retaining Walls 
•	Outdoor lighting
•	Turf Installation (seed, turf or artifical)

All this with friendly and qualified service!

John has “hands on” practical experience in every possible aspect of landscaping and horticulture which makes it easy to coordinate any landscaping project from residential to large estate development.